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What UFO Sightings Tell Us About Earthlings | NBC Left Field

UFO News Trending: We’re only just over halfway through the year but already it’s clear recorded UFO sightings are down. So why is that? Well it might have less to do with what’s going on up in space and more to do with life here on Earth whether or not you believe in alien life.

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UFO Alien Spaceship may lay off Florida Coast Line

Darrell Miklos, host of Discovery’s popular treasure hunting show Cooper’s Treasure, was chasing the trail of an English shipwreck for an episode of his show when he made the find 300 feet beneath the Bermuda Triangle. "I was trying to identify shipwreck material based on one of the anomaly readings…

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UFO The ADAM Research Project

UFO News: ADAM an acronym for Acquisition & Data Analysis of Materials will focus on the collection and scientific evaluation of material samples obtained through reliable reports of advanced aerospace vehicles "UFOs" of unknown origin. From time to time various sources have collected material sampl…

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Pascagoula River 1970's UFO Alien Encounter Mystery revisited

During the 1970's Calvin Parker was only 19 when he and a fishing friend, Charles Hickson, say they were abducted by UFO Aliens on the shores of the Pascagoula River. It was a story that riveted the nation. Hickson has since died. Now, Parker has written a book about the most harrowing experience he…

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Bright UFO Behaving Strangely over San Diego 8-9-18 reported

I was speaking with a family member on the phone and walked over to my glass patio door to look outside. A bright UFO in the sky at about the 11:00 position and to the west caught my attention. That would put it over the Pacific Ocean. UFO Sighting was very bright, but was not shimmering like a sta…

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Flying Saucer tales that UFO history has overlooked or would rather forget

IN 1955 UFO Sighting was reported over Illinois skies, then knocked down and captured by the US military. There were rumors of advanced technology and small bodies in the wreckage all followed by official denials. A secret so important, soldiers were ordered to jump out of planes to protect it.Co…

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Roswell UFO Crash Site Revisited

Here's a picture of me "Bob Skinner"at the reported Roswell NM impact site of the UFO which came to rest in what is now (or was a few years ago) the Corn Ranch. The UFO initially came down in Corona and then skipped over the desert into the ranch then owned/worked by Matt Brazell. It's located…

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Two Pilots Saw a UFO Why Did the Air Force Destroy the Report?

Some believed the July 1948 UFO sighting revealed the presence of secret Soviet spy craft in American airspace."For all of those reasons, the Chiles-Whitted encounter, as it came to be known, reportedly caused the Air Technical Intelligence Center to draft a top-secret document with the deceptivel…

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Exclusive Public Speech Dept of Defense UFO Program video

"Hal Puthoff -EXCLUSIVE Public Speech on Dept Of Defense UFO Program. For the first time publicly, Hal Puthoff presents his research, analysis, and history of the DOD UAP / UFO Program. Puthoff is a figure in the remote viewing movement, recently partnering up with Tom Delonge, Luis Elizondo, and…

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