Pentagon refuses to release more information on UFOs

UFO NEWS: This 4 minute interview covers a great deal of important material. It starts by mentioning the Navy’s remarkable admission last year that 3 separate videos, from 2004 and 2015 are genuine images of UFOs. Now in 2020, the Navy has refused to declassify that information because this would allegedly severely imperil national security. The former head of a US Defense Department’s project studying UFOs, Mr. Luis Elizondo states that a complete release of all the information obtained on those tapes would include “metadata” revealing important aspects of defense technology. He suggests however that the Pentagon has means of “cleaning up” the material to remove any sensitive data that could aid potential enemies in learning about classified technology.

Elizondo then goes on to reiterate comments he has made in the past that there is opposition within the defense establishment to release information about UFOs. Thus, we have a wavering policy that reflects a struggle between competing factions. On one hand, we have those pushing for more openness. On the other hand, they are being opposed by more conservative factions that might want to continue a de facto program of ridicule and denial forever.

That struggle within the Pentagon I believe mirrors a much larger conflict within various elements of ruling elites. From the Wilson-Davis leak, we now know that attempts have been made to back engineer flying saucer technology for decades. Allegedly, according to the sources described in the Wilson-Davis interview, not a great deal of progress has been made in deciphering the secrets of the saucers. This is thought to be due, at least in part, to the extraordinary secrecy in back engineering projects that must limit the numbers of scientists and technicians involved. When they are faced with a problem, unlike in open scientific research settings, they are not able to call the most knowledgeable scientists in that field to help solve technical the challenge.

Thus, the highly classified nature of back engineering not only prevents rapid development of new technology, but more importantly rules out completely any commercial applications of the advances learned from “off planet” sources. It is possible that secret budgets for back engineering projects over the decades allow for hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to private contractors. My guess is that this sum is “chump change” compared to the trillions in profits that would accrue if super advances from the “saucers” could be downloaded into our commercial technological culture. The Hynek UFO Report:

Luis Elizondo has talked about the possible benefits of such advanced technology. These could include not only space craft design and propulsion systems, but also commercial transportation and even medicine. Thus, it is important to see how the battle in the Pentagon about openness on this subject is part of an even more decisive struggle occurring within the economic and political elites of our planet. source credit J. Burkes MD 2020  French UFO Files:

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