Ufo with Search Lights over treetops

So I have been witnessing the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. I burnt toast tonight so went to open my bedroom window to let air in when I happened to notice 3-4 lights over the tree tops approx 500 yards away. UFOs were so bright that I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It is pouring rain outside tonight which makes what I have seen even weirder. As I am looking out my window over the treetops the lights go from left to right in a random sequence but always the same color combos. Left furthest and right furthest are a copper/orange/white which pierces your eyes and makes your vision blurry. The two middle are the brightest and clearest white you have ever see. I could see what this was so clearly as the lights it had on it's surface were giving off rays of light and reflections. At points all 4 lights would turn on as if it was searching with searchlights. Sometimes I felt I was being watched as the light beams would turn towards me making it extremely bright to where I couldn't see what kind of object it was. All I can say is I know this was something hovering there which had lost its cloaking ability. After observing it for a half hour or so I felt it really had noticed me. almost like it locked in to my camera on my phone. I instantly felt numb, huge buzzing in my ears, and a deep hum that I didn't know where it came from. I had to back away from the window to regain my self consciousness. I took many videos of this and none except a few donor justice. It's almost like it knew I was filming or it has technology to prevent my phones camera from seeing what my eyes were seeing. I felt this thing had to of been at least 300 feet wide. it was approx 100 feet in the air just over treetops in my backyard. At one point when all of its lights lit up I could see the disc like shape but almost looked more like a bat wing from batman if that makes any sense. The UFO didn't move at all. Pattern of lights went like this outside lights being the copper colored that seemed to be running lights that also were searching for something. The middle two being what looked like search lights from the cabin of the UFO craft. It no joke looked like why you would expect to see if an typical UFO with running lights around the discs edge would look like. I couldn't believe my eyes. It is still there and has been there for 3 or so hours. I'm scared to try to sleep. anyways if any one has seen anything like this please respond to post. Mufon Cms# 107574 New Market Ontario Canada 4/9/20 Region has had 2426 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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