UFO Saucer Shaped Bluish Lights on Underside

It was September of 1974, I was 13 years old. it was a school night and the sun had just gone down not too long ago. My mom and stepdad worked 2nd shift and I was alone watching TV with my older brother ray age 14 and my younger sister Laura age 8. We lived out in the country near a small Indiana town when my oldest brother Darwin age 17 came home with a friend we did not know, Darwin burst into the house and said there is a flying saucer outside! grabbing my shirt he pulled me out the door and my siblings followed. The West horizon was still a light blue and above the cornfield about a hundred yards away hovered a perfect saucer shaped UFO. It looked like a plate that thickened toward the middle with an upside down bowl in the center.

The more we watched the more we realized it was slowly moving towards us. We stood near the edge of the field, not seeing any windows on the dome on top but seeing a faint blue glow lighting the top of the corn. We stood still, amazed and not afraid as it maneuvered right above us. It was about 30 to 40 above us moving at a slow walk and we walked with it at the same slow pace. My little sister could of hit it with her shoe. Our yard was about 30 yards from the cornfield to the road, it was higher than our apple trees but not taller than our pine tree that stood to the south of us. The fading light gave the UFO Sighting a seamless dull dark silver color, about 35 to 40 wide and 12 tall. It looked to be made of smooth metal. the 20 or so round 2 lights that circled the outer circumference on the underside were a low light blue with misty movements behind the glass, like looking at milky blue and white swirling water in an aquarium or even a type of smoke, I kept waiting to see something but didn't although my brother did. there were no other lights, it did not spin. it was solid, when the craft was halfway through our yard my brother Darwin ran into the house and came out with his semi automatic 22 rifle with a scope.

Frantically I yelled what are you doing! Darwin said he's just looking through the scope because he seen something moving in the porthole. We all kept starring into the blue lights and as it was about to leave our yard we hear two quick shots as my brother shot one of the lights hitting it with both bullets. I pulled the gun down screaming why did you do that! while my little sister ran behind the pine tree while the rest of us backed away. But still the UFO Sighting kept moving like nothing happened, no damage was visible and my brother was not vaporized. we watched it slowly fade into the east. days later my sister noticed the top of the pine tree was dead but not our memories of that day. I was a young artist at the time and drew many drawings at different angles and at different times of that day but when I joined the air force my siblings took over my room and they disappeared. i still drew many pictures of it to this day and below is a quick 5 min sketch at 2 angles. all my siblings are alive and we all still remember. mufon cms# 109403 Tipton Indiana U.S. 9/13/74

Blue UFO

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