UFO Portals over Quartzsite Arizona

Witnessed many UFOs all entering at one point and all vanish at another space in the western night sky. My husband and I are retired seniors who spend the winter months dry camping in our RV out in the southern Arizona desert. Totally off grid. At night the sky is amazing. We have no lighting to interfere with viewing. Our TV program ended at 9 pm and my husband Carl went outside. He called to me a couple of minutes later to Come See! So I went out and what we watched for the next 20+ minutes really amazed us.

Venus, that beautiful brilliant lady, was to the west of our location. Up about 45-50 degrees from horizon.

Coming from barely to left of and just below Venus and traveling in a very straight line was a well lite dot, much like a small distant star. The "dot" traveled from south or left to north or right (Venus being west) from just below and south of Venus to north of Venus now the odd thing was, that the dot began at one specific place, just south of Venus and traveled to a specific place north of Venus and vanished... then another one came into sight same trajectory, and vanished at the same place the first one we saw did.... then another and another and another for over 20 minutes. Some were a little higher but still below Venus and others a little lower... all coming into view at the same place and vanishing at the same place like coming into a room through one door on the left, crossing the room and leaving though another door on the right. It was very odd indeed. The space between entering and exiting was about the width of two hands, if you extended your arms fully out with hands up like in the stop position two hands wide would have been the distance from seeing it to it vanishing.

The time it took to travel that distance was about 5-6 seconds. If you count one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand it was 5 or 6. It was way up there and just a tiny dot... so didn't seem unusually fast. Wasn't a zoom or flash... just a steady here it comes and there it's gone... here's another and it's gone. it looked like one was entering as one was exiting we have no idea when this began, but while we watched we lost count after 23 or so. So easily over 30.

We sky watch often and planes or satellites or the space station can usually be watched as they travel all the way across the sky. That's what made this siting so unusual. These all began at the same place and vanished at the same place they were not visible before the entry point or beyond the vanishing point. Since there is very low air traffic at this time the movements of these were seen right away.

They were too far away to detect shapes, hear anything or see any detail. Just coming into view, then vanishing. Any way that's what we saw and wondered if anyone else saw them as well. source nuforc.org UFO Sighting occurred on April 16th 2020.

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