UFO Hovered over me and friends

1993 I was in High School at the time and my friends and I were on a mountain top area of what they call a park near Rancho Buena Vista High School in Vista California. We had a Getto blaster radio at the time that was playing music and we were dancing around up there by radio just being dumb teenagers. The time was around 11 pm to 2 am. Somewhere in that time frame. There is a small local airport near this location about 3 miles away but we all saw was not created by man that's for sure. Our radio stopped playing music and went dead, we started asking each other if it broke then I turned around to ask a friend to look at it because he is handy with electronics, then I saw it and pointed and told my friends to look at what was coming at us. Four huge round lights coming at us in the air w no sound. The light had no shine to it I mean like a headlight would. It was bright by not shining at anything if that makes sense. They were all side by side then as it got really close to us about 50 ft away above us it just hovered and we could see a huge black circle bottom to it perfectly flat and the 4 lights we saw in front of this thing merged into the front of it. I remember telling my friends, it has no sound nothing can do this. They just looked up in awe like I did and watched it like we were stuck there but conscious. The sky that night was clear as could be and you could see all the stars out. This UFO hovered over us for probably 2 min it seemed like and you could see the stars around the big black shape it had on bottom of UFO. Now I know Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base is near by as well but this was no military craft. There was no wind, there was a dog in a persons backyard nearby and he barked at us all night until that moment. There was no sound to anything.Then it slowly moved forward going south bound and we all saw the back of it or what looked like the back of it. On the back it had 5 white lights emerge from back of the Unidentified Flying Object, then I blinked and it was not there anymore. No sound of taking off just gone. The radio turned on and we immediately looked at each other and knew what we saw was not from here and we freaked out a bit and ran different ways home. One of my friends committed suicide that next year. We vowed to never speak of it unless it was between us because everyone has called us crazy through the years when I have tried to bring it up to others. I know what I saw. I felt a presence as well but no entity as what you may call it. I heard nothing in my head but I felt at that moment it would not hurt any of us. I moved from that area a year after my friend passed and didn't come back til a few years ago. Ended up dating one of my friends I saw it with. She was not on the mountain top. She said she saw it that night driving by in the back of a truck that night near the area. Tried to contact my old friends who were with me but don't know there last names anymore unless I can find a yearbook then I can find them to confirm. Its important to me I share my experience, I was scared for years and now I am not. I do not have a picture because it was back in the day for me before cell phones. I can draw it and I can tell you in person or phone. This was as accurate as I can tell on email right now. By the way it was only 50 ft above us and the main UFO was huge like a quarter of a football field and the four lights in front of it as it approached were probably maybe the size of 2 city dumpsters. The lights in back of the UFO Sighting moved forward before it left were about the size of a average dog like maybe 3 ft all the way around. mufon cms# 107426 Vista California 2/12/93 Region has had 10785 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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