UFO Hovered Low Over Togiak Alaska

My UFO sighting happened in 1989 while working in SW Alaska, in a native village named Togiak. myself and a group of about 30 people were lighting off fireworks at night on the 4th of July on a beach when we became aware of a light that had appeared above us about 50 ft. in elevation. We all stopped what we were doing and just stared at it. UFO Sighting grew brighter and lit up the entire area where we were standing. The light began to move away slowly to the north. My girlfriend, myself and about 15 others started walking towards it we thought it was a helicopter at first, but it was completely silent. As we followed it kept moving away. We got to the top of a small hill and the light shut off. We could now see what appeared to be light green running lights wrapped around an UFO that was shaped like a disc and about 30 ft in length. It was now about 20 feet above us and roughly 60 ft away. We all kept walking as it began to gather speed and move steadily away from us. Then it suddenly accelerated to roughly 50-60mph instantly without a sound or any exhaust. We all watched silently as this UFO sped away over the tundra, increasing speed and hugging the contours of the land in pitch black. It took about 1 minute for it to reach the surrounding mountains and then it vanished from sight. We estimated it traveled about 30 miles in that time frame. We were all a little in shock after it happened. Two years later I told this same story to two mutual friends who had also worked in SW Alaska, only on the island of Kodiak, which is roughly 250 miles away. Bizarrely enough they proceeded to tell me that the same night, 4th of July 1989, two women who worked at their fish cannery were sitting on a dock in the evening and had the same experience a bright light appeared above them, shut off, then a green colored disc-like UFO sped away. they were terrified and had come running down the dock screaming. I was fortunate to have been with a large group of people, because it was definitely an unnerving experience. At the time my first impression was that it was a military craft, but I have never seen anything move like that in my life, especially without sound. MUFON

UFO Saucer Alaska

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