UFO Exhibiting Intelligence As It Followed Me

While driving On 4/16/2020 at approximately 21:30 hours est, I had noticed a bright pulsating light hovering very low to the ground route 435 in Moscow, Pa. I was driving North West toward Dunmore/Scranton, and had pulled off to the side of the road to get a better look and take pictures. The UFO hovered over the top of some homes and pulsated with a white/gold light. The light also seemed to increase and decrease in power at random. As I pulled away, the UFO seemed to follow me.

The UFO appeared to make a choice to stick to the wooded areas as it followed the path of the highway. Just before I had reached Dunmore, Pa, the object crossed from left to right in front of me, and flew over the top of a wooded/elevated hillside towards a nearly vacant industrial park. When I reached the 380/81's junction, the object appeared to my right and continued to fly low over a residential area as it followed my path along 81-s to the Central Scranton expressway. when I reached the exit for Scranton, the light on the object when out as it flew over center city Scranton. upon exiting the expressway, the object reappeared in front of me and followed me south through a residential area towards Taylor, Pa, as it again pulsated with light while remaining low over a residential area. Once I had reached my destination, the object (now about 1/2 mile away) just hovered as I took several videos. i was also able to view the object with binoculars and could only see a gold/white energy being emitted from a solid-ish object (imagine a semi-translucent liquid sun). I again took some still photos however, I had neglected to turn the flash off of my camera.

This caused the UFO Sighting to begin to descend and fly toward me. I then got back into my vehicle and returned to Moscow, Pa via the same route. The object followed me for approximately 15 miles during my return trip; however, the object was now flying much more low and much more closely to the highway. at one point, the object could be clearly seen narrowly missing billboards, and, in one instance, seen following me in my review mirror. I lost sight of the UFO once I reached the 435 exit off of the 380/81 junction. in total, I viewed the UFO for approximately 90 minutes and observed it hovering, pulsating, spinning, and emitting light/energy, all while exhibiting signs of intelligence as it followed me. mufon cms# 107848 Moscow Pennsylvania 4-16-20 Region has had 3,949 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO Reported Moscow Pennsylvania static map

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