UFO Ascends From Ocean Reported

I was working a summer job from college on a seismograph ship in the Gulf of Mexico.We were taking seismic recordings for a geophysical company several hundred miles out. Myself and four other people were soon getting off a midnight shift an we are standing overlooking the ships gunwales early dawn. It was hard to determine distance but we saw an UFO which came up from the surface of the water. UFO ascended straight up then did 4 or 5 Zig Zags with abrupt stops at each direction change, then UFO took off in a straight path at an incredible speed. We could not tell the size of craft due to distance but the only reason we saw this was because it left a heavy vapor trail in the sky up to the point departure where it disappeared. mufon cms# 108723 UFO Sighting Occurred on 8/13/75 Region has had 825 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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