Strange UFO Sighting Encounter Canada

This UFO Sighting lit up the area like daylight with megawatts of power that appeared to be fenced in with the plasma flowing toward the front end. I aimed my 300 bar at the UFO that instantly stopped them from completing their landing. they didn't move for 10 minutes until my hunting partner slowly pushed my gun barrel down. Immediately they backed away from us rising at the same time went over a few hundred yards then landed. The rear end of this UFO was a corrugated blackened material with 5 half moon upward openings on top half with the same 5 half moon openings but downward on the bottom half. Since the plasma was blue arcing and tan arcing and stayed separated I suspect they were ionizing noble gasses such as boron and helium in a plasma fusion reactor in a sustainable cycle. This UFO or a similar one was captured on video in 2012 by British Columbia forestry as a forest fire kicked it out of the logging area. UFO Video is available on the internet. I will keep additional information secret as I have had other contacts in 2016 and 2017 that the Americans must have seen by satellite as they flew their v winged drone with zero gravity lift and slip stream jet propulsion to take my photo on the north bank of the little smokey river in the peace river area. The camera is in the lower right wing the 7 domed glowing coils are 8 inches diameter in each wing and one at the peak. The drone is silent. This technology would revolutionize the airline industry and they are keeping this secret. My phones have since been tapped and I have been contacted and intimated, threatened with firearms seizure and told to remain silent. UFO Sighting occurred on 9/12/04 within the Fort McMurray Alberta Canada area. Shape of UFO was Cylinder. There has been a total of 16 UFO Sighting reports within this city & 715 reports in the region. A total of 6 UFO Sightings in the nearby area according to the data from MUFON. UFO Report from MUFON

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