Strange UFO Appears While Fishing

This UFO Sighting appeared from the North East over some mountains, very slowly moving across the horizon. At first glance it would appear as a plane in the distance, but what threw me off was how slowly it was moving, and the lack of flashing lights, instead of a few fixated lights flashing it was one singular static center-borne light/glow. After a few minutes of continued fishing, I realized this UFO began elevating and descending while it was moving unnaturally, and seemingly toward me. I was in a pretty populated part of town, it was very late and there weren't but a few people around, but nobody seemed to take notice that this UFO ended up over the lake at least 500 feet from me, ultimately coming to a stop directly above, where I decided to take out my terrible HTC phone one and take a photo. Shortly after it took off swiftly to the south, and as fast as it left there wasn't even the faintest sound. I kept the photo for years never thinking much of it after that day, until recently I decided to take a copy of it I found and play with the light settings on it with a photo editor. the only function I used was the exposure level, and upon dropping the exposure, there were some artifacts revealed behind the apparently ever-bright light that was emitted from the silent UFO. who knows. I have a video of the artifacts appearing when I drop the exposure. Photo Depiction.

https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=l_vaaov6hdg   MUFON cms# 110524 Lake George NY 7/29/20 

Otherworldly Silver Disk UFO

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