Recurring Orb UFO sightings over Oregon

I am color-blind so grace on mistakes, please. This is a fourth report of similar UFO Sightings that date back to summer 2019 when I saw multiple UFOs, on the same day, in different locations and separated by around 2 hours each time. those sightings were reported. They included blue-white orbs, a blue-white orb that changed shapes and presented as a sphere within a cube and a yellow orb with a solid black bar behind it. Wednesday 29 April 20 at 8:01 p.m. I had another UFO sighting of a very similar object and I think I either saw two or one and the same but on two occasions. Looking west from the back porch, I saw an object that could have been triangular it was at an exceptionally high altitude at roughly 60-degrees and appeared relatively small but looked to have shape and form. It appeared as if it had two blue-white lights side-by-side that were melded into one from my perspective. It was coming from the due north on a due south, straight line course and at a speed much faster than airplanes that travel in this air traffic corridor. It was noticeably faster, which is what caused me to look twice. I watched it for several seconds and decided I had time to get binoculars but by the time I returned a few seconds later, the UFO was not where it should have been. I looked with binoculars for several minutes and then gave-up. Perhaps 10 or so minutes later, I caught sight of a blue-white orb again moving in from the north at around roughly 20-30-degrees but in a slow and constantly changing and somewhat erratic fashion. It was identical in its appearance and movement compared to the previous UFO sightings. I recall the object moving in from the north, moving from my right to my left as I looked due west, and slightly varying it's elevation as it more or less moved laterally in a capacity to defy gravity relative to it's slow speed. it stopped and hovered on several occasions before holding in place in the middle of my field of view and a little lower in the horizon. I watched it for probably 30 seconds to a minute and decided to bolt for my phone. I had already been observing it the entire time through my binoculars and I saw the object change shape thinking that i even saw the sphere within a cube but I won't stand on that. I could sometimes see structure but most times not; just like with the previous sightings. now with my phone, I placed a call to a mutually interested friend and as we were talking, the object began to rise straight vertically as I narrated the description to him trying to guide his eyes to it. It was difficult because it was so relatively small. I threw the phone down because it began to accelerate so quickly and so vertically that i had to change my position to a seated one to continue using the binoculars. it accelerated out of sight as I lost sight of it. We can't verify if my friend, who lives on the other side of town, actually saw it because the object's straight vertical exit path, in which the UFO wavered slightly horizontally as it ascended. It took only a couple of seconds to disappear and as it did, it crossed over Venus. Initially, I thought it had stopped to hang around. not the case it left and Venus was Venus (we mapped it.) But the UFO was the object and there's brief video. This was the best I could do and you should see it close to dead center. As I re-watch the video while attaching, it may appear yellowish but that may also be the camera (again, color blind.) note that the digital photos did not turn-out. mufon cms# 108472 Bend Oregon 4/29/20 Region has had 1937 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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