Oblong Spherical UFO was glowing white reported

A pop up storm had rolled through about an hour earlier, making it about 10 degrees cooler outside. I was sitting on our porch facing East. My husband and I enjoy cloud watching, so I lingered, and saw a really bright star or planet. I grabbed my husbands phone to turn on his Sky View App, so that when he joined me, I could show him. Jim joined me, and we were puzzled that it was neither. I became concerned that maybe it was a drone. We live extremely remotely, and he often runs around the farm in various forms of undress. Could someone on the next mountain over have been watching us? It had come closer by this time; East to West, so Jim went to grab his monocular scope. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing! The sky had cleared to a bright blue at this time. Purple Martins began to fly in circles by the dozens between us and the UFO. The Oblong Spherical UFO was glowing white with seemingly its own energy force circulating within it. No sound, no color red lights, no vapor trail. You could see through it in the energy ripple. It then began to travel North. We watched it for about 20 minutes, and then it moved skyward as last we saw it. It was not threatening . It had to be massive for us to be able to see it that well from such a long distance. Occasionally it moved quickly, and I have no doubt it could have departed from our sight, but wanted to be seen. UFO Sighting occurred over  Cub Run Kentucky 7/8/2020 nuforc.org

Oblong Spherical UFO

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