Mysterious UFO Sighting paralyzed Witness

We were outside our house letting out our dogs when I noticed a large steady red orb glowing moving slowly passed our house. The ship looked to have panels failing to communicate with its cloaking due to the light distortion and a translucence shuttering that seemed to help make it invisible but continue to reappear as it skipped all over the night sky. I lost sight of it until I heard a booming whoooshhhhh. confused where it came from my mother had me look up to see a giant ship hovering above us. Paralyzed and unable to move after looking up what felt like forever I stared in awe of a giant rectangular shaped craft. there was chrome looking intertwining metal that came to the center chamber underneath the ship that looked like a giant red-orange fireball that lit up the underside of the UFO Sighting.

This encompassed way more than my house as it seemed it went on for 8 blocks. I was unable to see any more of the craft except for what was exposed directly over my house. It was as if there were panels that were allowing us to see the ship just above our house and camouflaged everywhere else. It abruptly took off and bounced across the sky. As I followed it with my eyes it began to come in contact with another object in the sky that was flashing lights. after observing the original larger craft skip in and out across the sky it looked as if it glowed blue and white. The two UFOs continued to exchange various light patterns when another three orbs appeared. the lights were blinking until two took off at high speed and disappeared. We see military come do flybys all the time and at this point a drown was sent in to investigate.

As it got closer to the one that hovered over my house, it seemed to become agitated. the ship started acting aggressively flashing red lights charging wildly back and forth and then shot out a white force of light that shot the military aircraft backward significantly. shortly after helicopters and other planes began to come in the distance. The three remaining crafts began to move slowly in line with specific stars in three Separate  constellations. When the military came closer the lights ceased to pulsate and took the color of the star that it was impersonating in the night sky. After filming what I could in all the excitement (after the big ship left directly above us) I reviewed the footage in slow motion frame by frame where i captured multiple faces, portals, and screenshots of multiple UFO Sighting shapes that flew by my house that evening. after the event i had multiple dreams where I was being followed by a UFO and finally was confronted by a tall white-skinned female humanoid. The skin was almost abalone like where there was an opalescent iridescence. I am 6'4" and she towered over me about 7' and slender. She walked through a sliding metal door and when she spoke to me it was in a feminine higher frequency but speaking in English.

Rectangle shaped UFO with two blue lights

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