Multiple Small White and Blue Orbs

Gathered in a large tree nearby after I flashing my light toward where I seen the first UFO orb.

I noticed small white flashes above my yard as I grilled. Shortly after, I saw a blue, three strobe orb fly a few feet above my house. I was completely shocked because I knew instantly that it was nothing I had seen before. As I stood there flipping my burgers, thinking about what I had just seen I had an idea.

I had my flashlight on my phone on, so I flashed my light 3 times up in the sky like whatever I had just seen fly overhead. Nothing happened the first time but when I done it again the thing came back around. This time it parked and hovered in a very tall tree not far from my house. It wasn't flashing anymore but a constant dim blue light slowly weaving through the branches of this very large tree.

As I continued flashing my light in flashes of three, I began to see 2 other small white lights in the same tree as the blue UFO orb. They made no sound at all. Couldn't of been a drone because it was in this large oak tree, moving around in the dense leaves. They looked sort of like fireflies but there are no fireflies out yet.

It was at about this time my wife came out and I filled her in. I tried repeatedly to get the lights to flash again but nothing. But sure enough as I was about to give up, all three lights began to move and light up! So my wife seen these lights and I knew this was something that was really there, maybe 100 yards from my house hanging in this very large tree. Doing what? I have no clue. But after she saw the lights she became frightened and she made me quit communicating with my light and go inside. This was the first time I have experienced anything like this, ever. Golden MS U.S 5/13/20

Blue UFO Orb.jpeg

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