Multi-lighted UFOs over College Park Maryland

I noticed three bright unknown orbs UFOs outside my window during the summer of 2020. this happened on July 23rd at approximately 7:00pm and lasted for about four hours. I was alerted by the loud sound of thunder from an active thunderstorm going on to which I walked over to my sixth-floor bay window (looking west) and noticed the three bright white objects hovering over the tree-line no less than a mile away. The thunderstorm was strong and soon became an electrical storm. I made a mental assessment that aircraft shouldn't be flying, and any pilot up there would be crazy in doing so. Under normal circumstance, three unknown UFOs in the sky would have not been an issue but this storm was powerful, nothing should have been in the sky at the time. except for the storm clouds which made it a bit darker, the sun had not totally set yet, so the daylight was still apparent at the onset of the orb sighting. The orbs from time to time would slowly dim, going from visible to invisible. in one observance, the orbs glow dimmed to where the objects light was completely gone and one craft, now dark in contrast to the sky, was seen flying west of my view but still in sight. This UFO craft, which was once hovering, made only slow movements perpendicular to the west from where it once hovered. Under further analysis of what I saw, if the orbs became dim or invisible, the flying objects seemed to have wanted to make undetected movements. This occasional movement by the craft was the only movement I observed during this event, also probably due to the dark night sky after the sunset completed. Beyond the movement of the craft, a majority of what was observed was the objects hovering beyond this tree-line. The flying objects at one point started as bright white orbs, to other times being orange or yellow in color when at different locations above the trees. Before the filming and pictures were taken, I was hesitant to record what I saw until I called my girlfriend and described what I was seeing. In my excitement, not realizing that I could not record a video while a phone call was in process my I-phone died, to which I had to recharge it if I was to record anything. mufon cms# 111650 College Park Maryland 7/23/20 no video was submitted by mufon.

UFO Photo College Park Maryland

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