Half Pear Shape UFO Sighting Reported

Last Tuesday afternoon, I was having a cigarette on my balcony when I looked up, I saw what seemed to be a plastic bag floating in the sky this bag was following a perfect trajectory, straight line, slowly, calmly. When the UFO Sighting was closer, I saw this shape of a half pear, shining like a mirror, very bright and spotless. It was solid not like a balloon or a plastic bag stainless steel like. You might think it was transparent but it was just reflecting the sky and the sun. You could clearly see it. No change of trajectory, no sign of any propeller nothing else but the shape itself. The wind did not seem to make it fluctuate. It was big enough to put someone inside in sitting position. I could not imagine more than one person fitting. I have an LG G-6 that has the worst camera ever so I could not film anything. I tried but no success. I wish, I really wish I could. Anyway, this is what it looked like in my drawing. Sorry, that's all I have. I really thought maybe other people saw it and I will hear something in the news or nope nothing. mufon cms# 10926 Catherine Quebec Canada 6-2-2020 Region has had 628 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

pear shaped UFO Sighting drawing.jpg

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