Doughnut Shaped Metallic UFO Rotating Reported

We have eagles in the area and at first over 4 miles away I briefly believed this is what I was seeing until the rotation showed the doughnut shape clearly with the "hole" larger than the UFOs width. It came down in altitude directly towards me still rotating slowly and making no noise. I am aware of all types of man made craft and this was nothing that current capabilities could explain. Its flight path took it directly overhead moving South/East and while it passed by I had a direct line of sight for about 6-8 minutes. I pointed to the UFO and 5 other witnesses saw the silent craft pass overhead then gain altitude again from 500- 1000 feet slowly as it went South/East and visible to over 2 miles away easily. The craft was between 150-300 feet in diameter again with more "open space" in the " center hole" where the sky was clearly visible through the center than the crafts width or its solid ring shaped hull. As it rotated all aspects of the vessel were noted. I have had approx. four previous UFO sightings since my youth. This UFO Sighting is the first one where I pointed out to witnesses and one took a photo. My earliest UFO sighting was a ground hovering orange glowing orb at least 100 foot in diameter not more than 100 yards from my position. I will reconnect with the witness with the photo to verify their digital capture Bothell Washington 22122 17 Ave SE - 98021 approx. 1930 hrs. with a 6-8 minute duration. mufon cms# 109303 Bothell Washington U.S 6/6/20

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