Black Rectangular UFO Sighting weather anomaly follows

It was the hottest day of the year so far, a heat wave in Central Maine. my boyfriend and i went out back for a late night swim in our pool to cool down. before getting into the pool, i looked up in front of me to the sky to assess star visibility. the big dipper is right above us, and I remark  the big dipper never lets us down, to my boyfriend. I then let my head drop back to take in more of the sky. as my eyes travel straight up from the dipper, suddenly something bright floods my field of vision. the sudden light is shocking and i think to myself about how my employee had just mentioned that lightning bugs had come out a couple nights earlier. at first, i assumed a lightning bug was flying in front of my face and lit up, blocking my view of the night sky. as soon as that thought crosses my mind, my brain dismisses it. i realize the light is coming from an object actually in the night sky straight above me. it was a giant black rectangle, with a large black circle in each corner of the craft. white or yellow lights ran down the sides of it. It was moving quite fast in a straight line, right over our house. as my eyes followed it for a very short second or two, it disappeared as it got to the clouds encroaching the sky. it did not appear to disappear behind the clouds though, it looked like it just cut off suddenly. it made absolutely no noise, there was no wind created from its departure. I have seen police drones fly very close to our house and a life light helicopter landing next to our house. this UFO was about 4-5x as large as the helicopter and maybe 50 feet above the tree line when first spotted. After it disappeared suddenly after streaking across the sky in less than a second, my boyfriend said woah! as it disappeared. we both asked one another if we just saw that. I looked at him shocked, expressing that I couldn't believe what we had just seen. i told him i could actually see the black rectangular craft above us, close enough to make out details on the bottom including the circles. my boyfriend was facing the other way, and saw the tail end of the craft zooming off into nothing. He described it as a bright light, similar to when a meteor crashed into earth in the movies. Both of us agreed it was a UFO and couldn't keep our eyes off the sky for the next few hours. we told our roommates, who both believed us. about an hour after the UFO sighting, there was a dry lighting storm here, which is quite uncommon in Maine. my boyfriend looked on the weather map and there was one tiny red dot of activity in the whole state, right next to our house. my roommate suggested perhaps the craft was siphoning the kinetic energy in the area. I never thought i would see a craft so close, and it was definitely unnerving. mufon cms# 109689 Benton Maine 6/20/20

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