Bat Shaped UFO Reported Fort Walton Beach Florida

At approximately 2230 hours on June 23, 2020, I went outside my home to put my tarp on my vehicle due to intermittent rain. The skies were partly cloudy, quite dark, with wind blowing from south to north, about 5 mph. I could hear military aircraft well above my home, and to the south, which are usually F-22’s or F-23’s from Eglin AFB practicing aerial combat. Since they had their Nav lights off, they could not be picked out (about ten minutes later they could be observed when they did turn on anti-collision lights). I also observed a passenger aircraft fly to the west way past Hurlburt Field flying from south to north, and either a U-28 or PC-12 recon aircraft circling near Hurlburt.

I then caught some movement in the sky to my left, and observed a low flying (several thousand feet altitude), bat wing shaped UFO traveling from west to east, almost directly overhead, around 70 degrees high to the north, almost overhead, and about the size of a fingernail when the arm is held out. UFO Sighting was a light tan color, which at first I presumed to be a falcon or owl. However the speed was too fast, covering a good arc of the sky straight and level from nearly 20 degrees off the horizon from west to east in four to five seconds (there were no wings flapping, and it was too high for an owl, which are usually in the trees at night, and I haven’t heard any for over a year). The shape of the UFO Sighting was crescent shaped, almost bat like, and from my angle almost like the silhouette of a B-2 but with a very round nose and rounded wings (much like the craft drawn by Lockheed engineer Clarence Kelly on 16 December 1953). There was no glow, and no apparent appendages such as an exhaust as one would see in current drone production. No military aircraft appeared to be chasing the UFO, however one F-22 or F-23 did fly the same approximate route several minutes later although at a substantially higher altitude (apparent approach to Eglin AFB for landing or more maneuvers over the Gulf of Mexico). 
Fort Walton Beach, Florida 6/23/2020

bat winged shaped UFO reported

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