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UFO News: ADAM an acronym for Acquisition & Data Analysis of Materials will focus on the collection and scientific evaluation of material samples obtained through reliable reports of advanced aerospace vehicles "UFOs" of unknown origin. From time to time various sources have collected material samples reported to have come from advanced aerospace vehicles of unknown origin (popularly known as UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UFOs.) Those sources include private citizens foreign aerospace investigatory committees aerospace operators and government organizations. As these materials have come to light they can be made available for inspection. Given the potential significance of such findings To The Stars Academy has made it a Tier-1 priority to use its resources to subject these materials to detailed and rigorous scientific evaluation whenever feasible. As soon as TTS Academy is notified that materials are available, a thorough effort will be made to document their origin and credibility followed by the establishment of chain-of-custody procedures and ownership protocols. In addition to reviewing the materials for their potential significance as evidence of exotic origin, the analysis will evaluate materials for such characteristics as exceptional strength, lightweight build and any unusual advanced properties that potentially could contribute to the development of exciting new technologies in the future. As a first step TTS Academy has established a contract with Earth Tech International, Inc., (www.earthtech.org) a well-respected research think tank in Austin, Texas to evaluate the properties of the available materials. Under the leadership of Dr. Harold E. Puthoff a former Senior Adviser and Subcontractor to the Pentagon's AATIP program (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) and current VP of Technology for TTS Academy Earth Tech is well-positioned to head up this materials research plan. Visit #TheADAMResearchProject to learn more and get involved.

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