UFO Frequencies and Poltergeists

Fascinating interview with Steve and they go over: the difference between manifestations and apportations, what the analysis shows on apports, 'hot spots' of activity following apportations, paranormal disturbances, poltergeist infestations, Are apports a bridge or portal to allow for communication? is the same principals or physics involved in manifesting a coin or a UFO? Are cold spots the result in the phenomena utilizing the heat from the area to manifest a coin or a stone? Gravity wells and why they are left in areas of apports or UFO sightings for 48-72 hours how the phenomena affects the environment what does positive magnetic anomalies have to do with bacteria? Amber gamblers. lights known as "intelligent", what is the reason for that specific color? links to the same frequency as the rising and setting sun? 450-460 terahertz What does all this have to do with ancient sites and resonance chambers? Metamaterial/alien alloy/UFO ejected metals applying the frequency of light to this material and it lost its weight UFO generating infra sound, inducing fear electron diffusion regions/portals between us and the sun which are opening and closing at certain times, wormhole technology.

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