Navy Tic Tac UFO Witness Kevin Day Interview

UFO News Today: Nov 2004, in the Pacific Ocean west of Baja CA. The USS Nimitz aircraft carrier and the guided missile cruiser USS Princeton were completing TTSA and COMPTUEX training. These are combined unit training ops designed to bring the ships up to deployment readiness. US Navy vet Kevin Day was on USS Princeton. In this very unusual UFO Sighting case, Kevin was a key primary witness from the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group. This is the full interview raw from my research and film I wanted to share with you. I used a small portion in the film, it is an important historical record of this event. As this is a raw recording, unedited, there are a few sound hiccups with passing vehicles. But having his whole statement is important. You will also note that I went over the sequence of events twice. I had a battery issue at one point and wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything as I was a one man band camera operator and interviewer.

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