MUFON Shakeup Reforming UFO Research

UFO News: Currently, there seems to be some turmoil at MUFON. Regardless, I have significant evidence to support my opinion that follows: At least one UFO research group, MUFON, often 'misses the boat' regarding serious scientific research. In my opinion, for the most part, MUFON has tolerated research that I personally consider basic. For example, a paper entitled: "Has a Top 5 UFO Case Been Solved? Was the Kecksburg UFO a GE Mark 2 Reentry Vehicle?," was published by former MUFON Director, John Ventre and Owen Eichler in or around 2015. About the time their paper was released, I was asked to review John and Owen’s research. I read the paper. At first, I was very impressed that they both took the stand that the Kecksburg UFO was not piloted by smart extraterrestrials. But then, other issues immediately started jumping out at me. I found mostly innocuous data that essentially missed its mark. But, they included some nice photos. However, not much aggressive creative problem-solving research was involved. According to my standards, the 2015 paper contained: Little deep thinking. Some weak assumptions. Slight flexible thinking. Minimal if any creative problem-solving. A narrow scope of study. Insufficient follow-through. . . . So, I decided to solve the Kecksburg UFO incident myself. It was my first endeavor of that ilk. As a professional, I informed John and Owen about my intended research regarding the Kecksburg enigma. Upon request, I shared drafts of my research with Owen. I also informed the two writers (of the 2015 Kecksburg-related paper) that I had been invited to present my Kecksburg-based research at the International UFO Congress (IUFOC) in 2018. During September 2017, Owen emailed me. He wrote: "I can say you have tied up loose ends and present the most credible explanation [for the Kecksburg case] to date." By November 2017, I had written a whitepaper report about the Kecksburg case—which I eventually posted on my website ( Around that same time, I was officially confirmed as a presenter at the upcoming 2018 IUFOC. In January 2018, John Ventre emailed me. He wrote: "I’d appreciate it if you said something positive about Owen and my work on Kecksburg when you lecture at the UFO Congress next month." In February 2018, I successfully delivered a PowerPoint presentation at the 2018 IUFOC. After my presentation, dozens of IUFOC attendees approached me and congratulated me for finally solving the 1965 Kecksburg Mystery. As I recall, the subject of Owen’s and John's "work" never surfaced. In my opinion, MUFON should perpetually advocate that MUFON only promote and showcase the best, most qualified, and the brightest UFO researchers. I was NOT a member of MUFON between 2015 and 2018. I have NOT been a MUFON member since 2011. Presently, unless MUFON reforms wholly, I doubt if I will become a MUFON member in the future. . . Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross.

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