UFOs vs Unidentified Aerial Phenomena U.A.P's

The terms we use are important because they reflect consciousness.
J. Burkes MD 2020
In a series of contact experiences from 1993 to 2008, “UFO” intelligence showed me how they use their tremendous psi capabilities to create illusions, some of which are holographic like in nature. I am now thoroughly convinced that in the absence of objective confirmatory evidence, like radar tracings, much of what flying saucer witnesses perceive to be in the sky are not really objects. If some “UFOs” are not physical objects, but instead are some kind of projection, then what might be a better way of designating them? I believe that Dr. Jacques Vallee employed a more accurate term to describe sightings by calling them “visual displays.”
Therefore, if some, perhaps many, but certainly not all flying saucers are not necessarily objects, logically speaking, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP should be the better term because it makes no assertion that what people are seeing are solid objects.
I recall that the name “UFO” was invented by the US Air Force decades ago when looking for a substitute for the terms “flying saucers” and flying discs”. I suspect this was, in part, because these designations suggested an ET explanation in the popular imagination. By calling them “unknown” the authorities are able to more effectively wage a disinformation campaign to confuse the public. We should remember that the popular researcher Stanton Friedman railed against the term ‘UFO” as well. This was because, in his opinion, the designation was used as part of a what has been called the “UFO Truth Embargo”. He preferred the designation "flying saucer" over “UFO.”
If the rumors that the armed forces have retrieved actual flying saucers since the 1940's were exposed in public to be true, then an extra-terrestrial cause would be nearly impossible to deny. Thus, for seven decades, the US Executive Branch that controls the military has likely KNOWN that technologically advanced intelligence are responsible for the phenomenon and the cause is not UNKOWN. In my opinion flying saucer fans and researchers that cling to the government’s “UFO” designation are inadvertently reinforcing a concept promoted by the cover-up. This is another reason why I am ready to throw out the term "UFO."
According to researcher Grant Cameron and others, the flying saucer cover-up has historically been a leaky one. In his book “Managing Magic”, Cameron shows how the Executive Branch of the US government has carried out a gradual program of “acclimatization” for the population. Grant Cameron provides a wealth of information showing that this program has been run by the intelligence services at the behest of the President of the United States. Prominent individuals from within the UFO subculture have been recruited on a voluntary basis to participate in this semi-clandestine government project. Thus, Bill Moore in the 1980's, Dr. Steven Greer starting in 1991 and more recently rock star Tom Delonge, have been involved with government and corporate “insiders.” These prominent three individuals and others have likely been tasked to release a sophisticated combination of accurate information combined with misinformation to hide the Executive Branches “fingerprints” in the operation.
Given the complexity of the issues involved and the competing interests of various factions in what has been called the “military-intelligence-industrial complex.”, there appears to be a long standing struggle within Executive Branch around this issue. Former official in the Defense Intelligence Agency, Mr. Luis Elizondo, in a public statement has referred to such an internal conflict in the Pentagon. He and other “insiders” working with Tom Delonge’s “To The Stars Academy” has forcefully advocated for more societal openness on the subject.
Naval Intelligence is apparently leading the charge by bringing military pilots to Congress to talk about their encounters and working behind the scenes in other ways. From reading Grant Cameron’s analysis in his book “Managing Magic”, I now understand that this group of Executive Branch insiders, including former high officials from the CIA have been struggling to make policy change for decades. These groups, as well as politicians like Hilary Clinton have chosen to re-brand the phenomenon as U.A.P's.
I believe that by doing so, they are distinguishing themselves from the more conservative forces that are opposed to opening this subject up. In addition, by using this new term, they are separating themselves from the carnival like atmosphere of the UFO subculture. It is one in which I believe that the most outrageously poorly informed and increasingly paranoid, individuals and groups, argue non-stop over their competing belief systems.
The goal of these elite forces promoting openness within government, industry and the media is almost certainly not the big “D” Disclosure that flying saucer fans dream of.
It is not leading to an authority figure like the US President, or UN General Secretary announcing the presence of “extraterrestrials” here on Earth. Nevertheless, their efforts are playing an important role in a long term process that will inform humanity of its true place in the universe.
In conclusion, I might not like their elitism, but I like the work these insiders are doing. I firmly believe that the flying saucer phenomenon is facilitating necessary changes in the mass consciousness that will transform Earth civilization in positive ways. In order for this to happen, the larger society needs to acknowledge that flying saucers are not only real but are also really important. If those working for more openness on this subject want to re-brand UFOs as U.A.Ps, I suggest that contact and disclosure activists support them as vigorously as we can. I recommend that we use the term that they prefer, U.A.P, which after all as I discussed above, is a more accurate one.
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