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Why is it more difficult in some countries to discuss UFOs than in other nations?  I suspect that for many countries, especially in Scandinavia and then Germany, followed by France and the UK, it is far more difficult for UFO truth seekers to operate than say in the Americas, both North and South. I have often pondered this dilemma and the answers I come up with are not very satisfying. In France, I imagine ridicule is kind of like a national sport. The UK has a long tradition of having strict social rules indicating what is proper and UFOs definitely are not. Furthermore, in all of Western Europe there is a history of cherishing materialistic science and acknowledging its success in improving the lives of people. When science becomes orthodoxy and its high priests refuse to deal with UFOs, populations of advanced nations despite being highly educated, follow suit by adopting an irrational form of denial that masquerades as skepticism.

Why is this so? Clearly the reasons outlined above are insufficient to explain something as complex as the nation specific causes for denying the reality of UAPs. When I posted this blog in the past, I received several gems of replies that I will be sharing here. I urge all contact and disclosure activists to review them as well as sharing opinions about the question, Why is it more difficult in some countries to discuss UFOs than in other nations?

The first jewel of a reply was from long time UFO researcher Tony Eckert. His comment clearly calls for new ways of thinking, not only about UFOs, but also about a wide range of anomalous phenomena. The second excellent response was from Stefan Sen. He gave a detailed personal account of the enormous difficulties that free thinkers have in Germany when trying to break through the massive barrier of ridicule and denial in his homeland. His comment is presented in edited form.

Please add your comments to these two I have reproduced. From Scandinavia, Tony Eckert: Sweden is the most secular country in the world, there is only the materialistic worldview, we live in a three-dimensional universe and there is a time stream that moves forward. Within this worldview, the UFO belongs to the mysterious and supernatural, the religious worldview. The new scientific line is the consciousness of the foundation of reality and consciousness is the foundation of the universe does not exist in the public debate. The fact that this world view could explain the so-called supernatural phenomena as natural in a multidimensional world view is not understood by the Swedes. Travel faster than light will then be possible, remote vision, telepathy, psychokinesia, even contact with other worlds and dimensions will be possible with a new multidimensional world view. So it is the world view that needs to be changed. I have addressed this discussion with researchers and the general public. There is no understanding of this approach. They believe that future research is in connecting a computer in the brain or robot arms to the body. Transhumanism!

From Germany, Stefan Sen: In Germany, as far as I experienced, the idea that life is out there somewhere is a given. Yet through our educational TV shows, there is no reason to believe it's more than just some bacteria. We are told that life has evolved on earth and everything else is lower than humans in main stream television. Now if you look at the UFO culture in Germany, ridicule is very high. Yes, you can talk about UFOs, but it's not wanted that you go beyond the question, "Do UFOs exist?".

There are big discussions about whether a photo or a video is real and if that object is a UFO or not. Also, "Exo politics" is a thing here, although widely ridiculed, but we are nevertheless talking about secrecy concerning UFOs. Still they do not go beyond the object UFO itself. The craft that is. Trying to talk about beings in it or what it means for mankind if we have contact with other civilizations is way beyond what people are willing to discuss. You get ridiculed very quickly by the UFO community itself when you talk deeper about relationships between humans and possible visitors. Even though they call themselves "Exo Politics" they don't go much into that subject.

In talking to people about UFOs, my personal experience is that Germans have a very limited perspective on things. That is due to a system that educates the population well, but only within very tightly controlled realms. So yes, Germans are well educated, but anything beyond that education is considered weird or imaginary. Especially when it comes to space or life outside earth. Discussions often turn into a "who knows more facts" and what is considered a fact is what people are being told by TV, universities and so on. Yet this educational material doesn't go beyond very human points of view. German astronaut once was asked wither he believes we are being visited by ET's or not. And he ridiculed that question, saying it does not make sense. He said, and that's a quote: "If I was an ET, visiting earth, I wouldn't come at night, where everything is dark and I don't see anything. So it's highly suspicious to me that these sightings only happen at night."

Total BS, because a) sightings happen in broad daylight as well and b) if you are an ET and have the tech to traverse space at incredible speeds, night vision is like the least of your problems. So this statement by a German astronaut indicated to me that Germany is officially not talking about the UFO matter. It is being ridiculed, so nobody has to touch this subject. And if you say you believe in such things, then you are already a nut.And your credibility is gone.

Sad, but that's my experience. And yes, we have American documentaries about UFOs and stuff on TV, but they run on channels that are known to show a lot of BS. Same with newspapers, the most lying and untrustworthy papers are talking about UFOs, but not those that are generally trusted. I myself got censored when I wrote about such things. I did not even mention extraterrestrials, but it was clear I wanted to spark some thoughts in that direction. The paper that I sent my article to suddenly (they haven't censored me before) said, "This subject is too complex for our readers, so we do not put it out".

And that paper is still considered one of the biggest "intellectual" and political papers in Germany. But they have a guideline that does not allow to spark free thinking, thinking outside the box that they've created. This might tie into the media game that Steven Greer once described. And I asked the guys how my article, written by some middle class educated person like me, is too complex for the readers. I got no answer. So I think the subject is being suppressed on purpose. If some real information is leaking out, then it is being ridiculed. Thus main stream education is really indoctrination thing and that indoctrination is being protected. People think that they are highly educated, but their education is still very shallow and technical. Philosophy is ridiculed as well, seen as something useless.

And our politicians have openly stated that they believe Germans are too dumb to make their own decisions. I'm not joking. They keep us limited in our thinking and they deny any further discussions. This very strict system keeps itself alive by limiting the points of view, perspectives and in general the things that you can openly talk about.J. Burkes MD 2019

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