Illusion as a Mechanism of UFO Alien Contact

To Police the Crazies in our Midst, UFO Truth Activists Will Need to Understand the Role of Illusion as a Mechanism of Contact.
Joseph Burkes MD 2020
How is the flying saucer truth movement going to make a responsible case to the people of the world, unless we systematically critique, instead of celebrate, the extreme unsubstantiated misinformation put out from within our midst? This is of particular importance because too often the mainstream media has portrayed us as wackos wearing tin foil caps to “block alien mind control rays.”
This situation is terribly complex for a number of reasons. We are made to look ridiculous, not only by the establishment, but also by the so-called ETs that continuously stage contact experiences with absurd elements. Together with the authorities’ de facto policy of ridicule and denial, it seems likely that both human and non-human forces have created elaborate control mechanisms for human consciousness.
Flying Saucer intelligences operate in a mysterious manner and have been doing so probably for centuries, if not for eons. In order to explain some of the bizarre aspects of the phenomenon, I have developed a model that describes the use of illusion as a mechanism of contact. I call it the “Virtual Experience Model.” According to this schema, the alleged ETs possess amazing psychic abilities that they use to create illusions that we identify as "craft." The situation is bewildering because such technologically created mirages, in my judgment, exist alongside physical objects that are truly real in our 4D reality.
This Otherness That Experiences Now Call ET (TOTENCET), one of my pet terms for flying saucer intelligences, likely can stage virtual reality types of encounters with human subjects. As disturbing as this prospect is, this “Otherness” may be able to create what might be called a “Matrix” kind of virtual reality. And it might be manufactured so skillfully that those within the construct may find it to be as “real” as very moment feels to us, as we are experiencing it.
In addition, the non-human intelligences that are responsible for flying saucers, according to the Virtual Experience Model, can implant false memories of contact. These false recollections are so well designed that when implanted, they convince us that they describe past physical interactions with “space aliens.” With this awesome power of mind, important investigators like John Keel and Dr. Vallee have speculated that the alleged aliens might even be able to create entire belief systems, i.e. religions.
Just stating this as a possibility makes me concerned that we are playing with fire. A sudden unprepared realization that this is true, that ETs have created all our faiths, might trigger terrible consequences. The social glue that holds together our present civilization might be threatened with dissolution. Thus, in my opinion, UFO activists must pursue the path of truth carefully.
Sorting truth from hoax or delusion in an environment of illusion, is not going to be easy, given the complexity of the situation that UFO truth activists find themselves in. This is especially so if the Virtual Experience Model turns out to be accurate, and illusory mechanisms of contact exist along physical interactions. If, however, we truly want to break out of the flying saucer subculture and responsibly educate the larger society, then we will need as accurate an understanding of this phenomenon as possible. As part of this process the flying saucer research community we need to be critical of those that irresponsibly celebrate the most bizarre notions and promote them non-stop in cyberspace.
In my judgment, the Virtual Experience Model goes a long way to explain many of the more bewildering aspects of contact. With a more thorough understanding of the bizarre aspects of our interactions with UFO intelligence, we will be in a much stronger position to describe to the larger community, what is truly happening in the "UFO" contact drama unfolding all around us.
UFO Disclosure 2020

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