An Intelligent Approach to UFO Disclosure

Dueling Paradigms and the Road Ahead.
There are several paradigms that we can use to investigate UFO related phenomena. One might employ a legal approach in which the judicial rules of evidence with police like procedures might be used. The scientific model is another paradigm. This is the avowed perspective of civilian investigative groups like the Mutual UFO Network. I prefer the Intelligence Model of Val Germann put forth 20 years ago, and as is the case for most original thinkers in ufology, he was nearly totally ignored. I have modified Germann's analysis to meet what I imagine are the needs of a nascent social movement linking UFOs to possible solutions for the challenges that our civilization is facing. Given the power elites' opposition to revealing the truth about flying saucers, it is understandable that they might view such efforts as highly subversive to the status quo. Any potential threat to the power of the ruling classes is going to trigger a reaction from them. This is one rationale for the UFO coverup with continued surveillance and harassment of UFO experiencers by clandestine intelligence operators. So, we now are looking at a dynamic in which an intelligence-counter intelligence approach to UFOs can have utility. In a struggle that will determine the future of Earth civilization, there will be those that support radical reforms, establishing world peace and ending environmental pollution, poverty and ignorance. And then there are those that promote conflict, social injustice and the increased accumulation of wealth by the super-rich.
In this conflict-oriented description of the world scene, UFO intelligences are perhaps not an impartial cold and distant mysterious force. In my judgment, they are a potential ally of those that want peace, environmental protection and a new world order based on cooperation, not conflict.
Time will tell if this approach to the flying saucer mystery has any utility. As a contact activist and as a veteran of the social movements that flourished during the second half of the 20th century, it is a comfort to imagine that we just might have “friends in high places” who are offering limited assistance in the struggles ahead. Source J. Burkes MD 2017
UFO Disclosure

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