UFO Crash ALIEN ABDUCTION Lower Alloways Creek Incident

UFO News: Lower Alloways Creek. UFO Crash & Cover Up. Paranormal Alien Case from 1991. Secret Cover up First time sharing the true story public. I was there to witness this at 3 and a half years old. MUFON reported on this case. This Documentary cover the events of an UFO Crash hidden as a Helicopter Crash. It was a Triangular UFO with White & Blue lights with a White beam of light. My mother was abducted by aliens & Witness a UFO Crash. Robert Earl White WATCH PART 2 Here https://youtu.be/h-6UOMZ-Xe0  After many years of Research and sharing my story to many of you I have finally found some information and proof to validate my claims. In 1991 a UFO (Triangular Craft) Crashed Behind my house. I was only 3 and a Half Years Old. This is the Documentary that I put together using the article that I have found. MUFON has been contacted and the case is being reopened. My goal is for the true story to finally come out. This is the first time anyone from my family has gone public with this information. This is The Lower Alloways Creek Incident /UFO Crash & Alien Abduction cover up story. Credit Robert Earl White

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