UFO Alien Encounter Changed My Perception of Reality

I was standing in the backyard watching my son swim in the pool when I looked up at the sky a UFO appeared over my head straight above me it seemed to appear and disappear many times, I proceeded to record it with my phone, as I tried to keep the camera on the UFO I saw another orb like craft that appeared red but did not show up on my camera as hard as I tried to record it. Since this event my health has seemed to decline I have had severe headaches and several times I awoke with a dent in my forehead, I have also been having vivid nightmares of scary chaotic events. This is not a fake or a hoax I have several videos at different dates I am willing to submit for review, I have seen extraordinary things I cannot even begin to describe something is trying to make contact I have never been more sure of anything in my life. mufon cms# 113160 Islip Terrace Long Island New York 09/12/20 Region has had 4.033 Reported UFO Sighting to date. No Video was submitted in this report.

Grey Alien with UFO

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