UFO Alien Doctors do they heal abductee's?

Visitors from the Unknown” is a 1991 docudrama that covers not only the Travis Walton case, but also the encounters of a British policeman and civil rights activist John Salter. Salter was a college instructor in the 1960s and became known for his leadership role in the Jackson Mississippi desegregation campaign. Later he wrote a book about the struggle the pitted non-violent civil rights activists against racists gangs and police that savagely attacked them.
Additional Comments:
J. Burkes MD: If memory serves me correctly, all three cases should be considered examples of UAP healings. Travis Walton was described as being hit by some kind of energy beam and then abandoned by his comrades who probably thought that he had been killed. Did he then spend the next few days in the ET equivalent of an ICU where he was resuscitated?
John Salter had a terrible tobacco habit. He stated that he smoked like an “Arizona smelter” with lines on his face which are so common in heavy smokers. Following his missing time experience with his son during a drive to the Deep South, he described having spontaneous recall of a friendly on-board experience with grey skin colored ETs. He subsequently lost all desire to smoke, a dependency that he had for decades. The heavy lines on his face cleared and he noted that his nails had to be clipped weekly instead of monthly.
The British Bobby while on duty had been savaged beaten in his groin area. According to this report he was told that he could never father a child. Nonetheless, after his encounter he was able to sire offspring.
If terrestrial medical science were able to learn the secrets of these apparent healings, what a boon it would be for our patients. Instead of calling flying saucers a threat, perhaps we should view them as a great opportunity to learn and prosper.
Here is a link to a video report focusing on the British Bobby’s case https://youtu.be/vOfrNS08xj4
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjW3YQW9frM      source credit Joseph Burkes MD
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