UFO Alien Disclosure & Our Mass Consciousness

UFO Alien News: The brief review linked below discusses how religions might handle an "Alien" ET presence, and it does so from an establishment point of view. It assumes that contact with ETs has not happened yet. Thus, the acronym “UFO” never appears. There is total silence about the enormous body of information indicating that the ET hypothesis for flying saucers is a distinct probability.

The monumental ignorance exhibited by the author is understandable, given the massive program of ridicule and denial pursued by the world’s governments, mass media and academia. What is called the “UFO truth embargo” exists, in my judgment, because the flying saucer phenomenon threatens all terrestrial elites, but not the Earth’s peoples.

Considering the extraordinary psychic capabilities that UFO intelligences exhibit, the notion that various faiths might choose to proselytize them as discussed in the article, is particularly ludicrous. The alleged aliens control almost every aspect of our encounters with them. They choose the time and place of the sightings that they stage. They target specific human subjects as witnesses to their presence. From the reports of countless experiencers, they are not only totally telepathic, they might have full access to a person’s entire storehouse of memories and can render witnesses amnesic for the details of their encounters.

If the Virtual Experience Model is valid, UFO intelligences can employ illusory mechanisms of contact as well. Many, but certainly not all Close Encounters of the Third and Fourth Kinds appear to take place in what is called a “Matrix Reality.” This appears to be a highly sophisticated virtual reality that is convincingly “real” i.e. physical to human subjects. It is generally accepted by UFOlogists that non-human intelligences can create false recollections called “screen memories.” If the Virtual Experience Model is accurate, it’s conceivable that almost all of our recollections of encounters might be what Dr. Michael Sala calls “impregnated memories.” If the aliens can manipulate space-time and perhaps even causality itself, Christian or Islamic missionaries will have little chance to convert ETs to their respective faiths.

Given these disparities in power between humankind and flying saucer non-human intelligences, perhaps the alleged "Alien" ET’s refusal to reveal who they are is a protective measure. Imagine how psychologically devastating it would be for us to suddenly know the full extent of their awesome powers. Perhaps in order to prepare humanity for full disclosure, thus allowing for a more direct and equal relationship with them, a very long period of acclimation is required, one spanning generations, perhaps even centuries.

The slow pace of our collective acceptance that UFOs are real and are really important, might be programmed to avoid stressing our existing religious belief systems to their breaking points. In a sense, they are protecting us from losing all confidence in our capability to determine our own future. These are the considerations that should be thoroughly discussed by any social movement attempting to accelerate the gradual disclosure process that is unfolding around us. J. Burkes MD 2019   How will Religions Handle The Discovery of Alien Life

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