UFO Alien Abduction of Sixto Paz Wells Video

Sixto Paz Wells was born in Lima, Peru, in 1955, and is a self-proclaimed extraterrestrial contactee. He has published over 20 books on the UFO phenomena, particularly alien contact, from a spiritual viewpoint. He promotes a systematic method of physical and mental preparation for contact, as well as protocols for documenting, validating, and confirming contact experiences. In this video Ben Lovegrove narrate the transcript of a talk given many years ago by the Peruvian UFO Alien extraterrestrial contact Sixto Paz Wells. The talk was given in London with the researcher, dowser, and author Colin Bloy (of Fountain International) acting as interpreter. 

Part 1 - Sixto’s Talk. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here this evening to listen to Sixto. Those of you who know of him will obviously know that he is a person who has had considerable experience in contact with ( UFO Alien ) extraterrestrials, particularly in Peru, and that from those experiences he has gained considerable spiritual insights and understandings. Now, with his group Rama, he wishes to share (his words) with as many people in the world as possible. I'm only the interpreter, so I will do my best and try to represent Sixto's words in the way that he intends. The experience of which I am a part is one of many that have occurred around the world. My experience is not necessarily the most important nor the most typical. I have served the purpose (of a) witness to share the testimony and I've been able to be instrumental in journalists being present during contact five times. The last time was in 1989 when 40 journalists were present and they filmed and photographed the ship that appeared on that occasion. On that occasion the ship appeared in order to demonstrate that the contact was continuing and the message that they're transmitting to us is a real message. They say they belong to a Great White Brotherhood. It's a brotherhood that forms plans for intervention on different planets. This particular planet on which we live is one of their special (projects). That's not to say that we are like guinea pigs in the laboratory but like babies.

We are not like some sort of farm where we're being bred in factory farming. We are rather like children in the kindergarten where we're still learning, and according to them not all extraterrestrial visitors come here with good intentions. But those who don't come with good intentions have considerable difficulty in entering into our world. Certain UFO ships that have been sent by those people have in fact been broken up by the protective field surrounding the Earth. Continued in the video...

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