These Aliens Are Destroying My Sanity and My Home

Honestly UFO Aliens were a topic I never touched with a 10 foot poll. I always believed but being an empath and having psychic abilities my entire life what's going on with me and my home has been overwhelming. It started with poltergeist activity that later turned into demons and reptilians. I have been followed by lights and these creatures that I call Muppet's. I've been in and out of the psych ward with no diagnosis. So I am not crazy. I had the paranormal association of PA. at our home and ever since then things got worse. The medium sensed alien activity. We have quartz underground that my boyfriend used to dig up as a kid. I see green reptilian creatures in all videos and photos I take. You cannot see them with the naked eye. Almost holographic in nature. Things move telepathically throughout my home. We also have very High EMF. There is definitely something wrong. Whether it be demonic or extraterrestrial I am calling out for help. These Alien entities are destroying my sanity and my home and I'm nervous because they are affecting the way I think and are very powerful. mufon cms# 113168 Kunkletown Pennsylvania 01/13/21 

alien with blue flying saucer ufo.jpg

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