Recent Close Encounters with Alien UFOs Ontario Canada

I am hoping to find someone of authority of alien abduction encounters can offer some insight on my recent experience or at least refer me to someone who can offer answers. on the morning of Friday august 28 , I awoke suddenly from a surreal vivid dream. I believed I was dreaming? puzzled as I became more awake, I noticed physical symptoms from events that occurred while dreaming as I will explain later in this written account. I reside in Grande Prairie Alberta. For now I wish to remain anonymous. I am simply looking for answers a bit of background about myself my early visual sightings of UFOs was a small child growing up on a horse farm in Wiarton Ontario. later in life while living in various cities and rural towns villages throughout Alberta, Canada I have frequently seen UFOs. I have flown in many aircrafts, I have a few friends and some who fly privately  I feel like I am more well versed then a regular folk in what aircraft look are up in our skies. I also want to mention several of these UFO Alien sightings I saw where during the day and my young children also saw too.

I know what a human aircraft is and what is not. I have seen various shapes of UFOs like: brilliantly silver saucer shaped, cigar shaped UFOs with black centers (the one my children saw with me in June 2020), and radiant bright light surrounding them, orb UFOs that are balls of brilliant light speeding making sudden directional changes; and that event is even documented from 2017 cut banks, Grande Prairie, Alberta. the one that most frequents me is a red UFO, appearing in silent, brilliant and perfectly horizontal lights and then dispersing into many; I have seen this type of UFO over my entire life thus far. in this latest event from the morning of Friday 28 august, I am unsure if I was dreaming or if it was reality covered as a dream by someone or thing? I am wondering if other people have reported such an experience. can you tell me if similar dreamlike states that masked the reality of an abductee experience been reported? the sensation of this so-called dream has not dissipated and leaves me perplexed. I would so appreciate some resolve to this matter. can you help or even point me in the right direction for help? during my dream I was in my maternal grand parents log and stack wall home which they built themselves in the 80s.

The familiar smells were vivid as the sun shone in warming the cedar wood walls the wood scent filled the room as I walked through the kitchen area. I could also smell bread baking in the oven and herbs from sitting in a sunny window, with a hint of cigarette smoke from my grandfathers woodworking room located at east end of the house. I can see and feel coolness of the ceramic white and blue tile on the kitchen island. As I walked through the alley of the kitchen that has an open floor plan in which the dining area was situated. my brothers and I ate at the island as youngsters while adults sat at a oak dinning table. I was making my way towards my grandmothers rocking chair in the corner of the dinning room, where I sit on her lap and rock as a small child. I had a smile on my face, and I felt happy. My grandmother died quite a few years ago now and my grandfather eventually sold the home and moved into a senior retirement home.

But this house was always my happiest place, filled with the greatest memories. In this dream I was surrounded by people in my grand parent home. They were what appeared to be friends and family members of mine but cloaked as characters/actors/actresses from movies and tv shows I had watched. I felt like I knew them all as who they would be to me in real life but they all looked like a different person, I was comforted by this but confused as to why they were not shown to me as who they really are, rather then some other character. I was sure this was my dream, and I should be able to control this and see my people just as they are, not someone else. I was perplexed by this. I then was searching for someone or something, and felt that it was something of grave importance, but I was so eerily calm, that none of the pieces I noticed were wrong in my dream peoples physical characteristics being replaced/changed did not bother me at all, I simply kept walking into the kitchen slow motion like, studying my surroundings, smelling, touching, and having memories of my grandmother.

I begun to feel a panic creep up in me as I reached the rocking chair I could not understand why. As I turned around to look behind me, I was whiplashed into a bright white room. I could not see any details except for a woman on a table. I was calm, but curious and had sneaking panic. She felt like she was me, but she was not, she looked like an actress from annihilation (Natalie Portman to be exact), but I could feel and hear her as if she were me. I looked from her/me to around the room, and it was so bright, I could not see walls, corners, doors, nothing. looking back at her/me I studied her on the table, she wasn't bound except for white bands on her wrists they almost looked to be made of light, instead of a firm material band you usually see. she/me was naked, there were tubes or wires coming from under a sheet that covered her/my breasts right side I am not sure where they were going into my body, staring at her/my face she looked panicked and was totally unable to move (I remember this feeling clearly, as if being drugged with GHB which has happened to me in the past). as her panicked eyes followed me looking at her, I heard her (my) voice inside my head saying over and over between screams, just five more minutes, I can make it five more minutes don't pass out, just five more minutes.  

I chanted this over and over. I saw a huge tube up her/my right nostril. I heard what sounded like a drill or a shriek of some kind, and again I was screaming in my head just five more minutes. I woke from this so-called dream and spun to the edge of my bed. I felt the bed and comforter and grounded myself. I had a huge pain in my right nostril and headache through and behind my right eye I held it and ran to the bathroom. nothing looked different, but the pain was excruciating. my right nostril and eye bothered me all day the day after, and even now, after this dream. I could not even put my contact lenses in and have opted for my glasses instead. I had a feeling that something was up my nostril all that day, and that continues. like something is lodged between my nasal passage and my eye. I blew my nose the day after, and a huge blood clot came of my nose, yet no nose bleed, and I have never had nose bleeds or clots in my nasal passages before even when I have had a nasty cold. the pain and discomfort have subsided, but I still can feel something there, as if to have an oncoming of a cold but no such thing I have had vivid dreams before, but never one that rendered me with physical, and lasting, symptoms of the dream. I hope this reaches you, someone, anyone; perhaps I can get some answers. thank you.   mufon cms# 111328 Alberta Canada 8/28/20

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