Memories of a Summer Alien UFO Abduction

I did not drink, smoke, or do any type of drugs, but in the summer of 1979, I was coming home from a friends house, driving north on a country road south of Grand Saline late at night, possibly after midnight. I had my lights on in my pickup and then there was a super bright light that seemed to move from slightly east of me to directly overhead. I thought it was possibly a police helicopter with a spot light or something like that. the light was so bright, I couldn't see beyond the edge of the beam that shown down on me and my truck and probably no more than 20 feet ahead. I stopped as quickly as I could so as no to get into an accident because my headlights couldn't penetrate the darkness beyond the beam. It was like going into a tunnel on a bright sunny day. Once I was pulled over to the side of the road, I leaned forward to look up through the windshield of my truck. The last thing I remember is looking up.

Then I felt like I had been transported to the outside of my truck with my hands on the bed rail looking up at the stars and an empty sky. I had no idea how I got there or what happened between the time I looked up through the windshield and and when I was outside of my truck with the engine off, drivers side door shut, and keys in the ignition.

It was so puzzling and I didn't mention anything about it to anyone for many years. I do remember hearing of UFO Alien sightings and making fun of people who reported them before that incident. Afterward, I would listen to see if  I could get any information that would explain my situation. I joined the army in 1980 and served 3 years, and re-enlisted at the needs of the army in 1990. I scored a perfect 22 out of 22 in the cryptology exam and had to take it a second time where I was all but accused of cheating. I scored a 22 out of 22 a second time. The army placed me as a signal intelligence analyst - cryptologist. I served with a TS clearance and attained just about every caveat in the TS realm. I went to briefings on new equipment being fielded, current situations in the world, and had to parse through literally thousands of messages daily (crux of having a TS and read on to so many things).

In that, I discovered the only thing UFO sightings were good for is to cover actual military operations, and never found any evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. It was all used either to mask actual TS missions or to detract from other things. Knowing what was actually happening in the world led to the the disheartening fact that all news agencies are either fed misinformation or fabricate stories to sell their stories. Did I just say all of them? yes I did.

The first person I relayed my experience to was my current wife. I never felt comfortable enough to tell any of my previous 2 wives. I sometimes wonder why it happened to me and it makes me wonder if there are any consolations between that and many near death experiences I've had (another story). I've gone back to distrusting peoples stories of UFO sightings and Alien abductions. Especially if there are other witnesses. Some of the tales can be explained and I still keep my experience a closely guarded secret, only letting my wife and very few others know. At this point, with technology what it is today, I thought there may be a place to share this and see if there are any other answers to what happened. I'm pretty persistent when I want to know something, raised by my grandmother when her daughter my adopted mother couldn't raise me, and not knowing who my biological family was. I found my bio mother at 29 with a half brother and two half sisters. our mother had two other daughters and eventually we found them. one through ancestry DNA. with that, I found the family of my biological father (he passed away some years ago) and my niece helped me narrow it down to her grandfather being my biological father. so, I'm confident I will discover what that light was eventually. mufon cms # 111996 Washington U.S. 6/15/79  If you have had an experience with an Alien or UFO please share you memories of this encounter with us here 

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