German Fighter Pilot Who Fought a UFO In 1917

German Fighter pilot, "Manfred von Richthofen", known as the 'Red Baron', was one of the most famous and feared pilots of World War One. On March 13th 1917, during a mission above the sky of Belgium, he and his friend, Peter Waitzrick, had a very strange encounter with a UFO which turned into a fierce fight. Ufologists consider this case as one of the most intriguing UFO encounters of 20th century, because of the credibility of the story, and also because it corroborates other UFO and Alien encounters that occurred around the same time. In this Video series named "Mysteries of The World" talking about strange and un-explainable incidents and events around the world, as well as archaeological artifacts and places that are shrouded with mysteries, and their possible link to ancient aliens. in today's video we will talk about a strange UFO encounter between one of the most feared and famous German pilots of WW-1 and a UFO Sighting which occurred over the skies of Belgium in 1917. credit Adil Oujdi

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