Freakish Grey Short Haired Creature Reported

I hunt toads for my snakes down where the Ho-back River meets the snake river. They call it the old boat ramp. Now I have grown up hearing people tell me weird things or how they saw something in the woods but it ended up being a stump. i never believed in those tales until last night. I was walking around under the bridge and was not having any luck finding toads. So where the snake river meets the Ho-back river there is a little band right there. I was walking through the bushes as I reached the corner there about 25' away I saw something crouching in the water. its back was towards me and its arms were moving and I assumed it was eating a fish or something. this was not a split second ordeal. I had a pretty good flashlight the 20 v led Dewalt. And I had the flashlight directly on whatever this was. And examining it and I'm thinking to myself is this a bear no is hunched over and has shoulders like a man a back like a man and a head like a man but I had short gray hair and it wasn't thick in the hair did not grow next to each other so you could see the pink skin underneath. After about 15 seconds of staring at this thing it stopped whatever was doing or eating and turned its head and looked at me. Now when I was examining this thing well the back of it I really wasn't freaked out or scared. but as soon as it turned its head and we made eye contact that's when the feeling shot through me. The face on this thing was I can't even explain but it resembled the faces I've seen on werewolves the movies. Small squinty eyes no snout and I could tell it was angry. This is why I know it was not an animal or a bear or anything like that. Because is soon as it noticed my flashlight it stopped and looked ahead of itself to see where the light was coming from and then and knew it was coming from behind buried. Which goes to tell me this creature had a thinking process more sophisticated than an animal's. However once this thing looked at me and we made eye contact I turned around and i booked it back to the jeep. I hopped in the jeep lock the doors and then I back the jeep up and turned on the high beams to see if the thing was coming after me. after a couple seconds I didn't see anything and I said screw this and I drove home. I went back there this morning because I wanted to see the tracks. I'm not easily convinced in the supernatural or what people see without any proof. Well it looks like I'm one of those people now. I did not see any tracks their. however I did see a lot of tracks on the other side on the riverbank. Which I'm going to go investigate right now. I am pretty skeptical about stuff like this so I need to know for sure that it was just an animal because right now everything I thought I knew about the world around me is in question. mufon cms# 111389 / 09/11/20 / Wyoming U.S.

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