UFO Sighting reported Feb. 24th 2020 over North Pole AK

Yellowish UFO sphere, with light and a haze to it, stopped went back the direction it came from.

Around 04:30 while out on patrol I took a break and was doing some stargazing using the binoculars we carry in our patrol vehicles. I was watching one star in particular and noticed on the corner of my lens that there was something moving left to the right way out. I looked up from the binoculars to see if it was a plane that I could see with the naked eye and I could not. I looked back into my binoculars and kept following it for about five or six minutes another minute goes by and the UFO stops I try to focus in on it more but its so far out that I cannot see any full detail on what it could really be I get on my phone and check the twenty four hour plane radar to see if there is any planes going up to the slope or coming back I see none at all on my phone. I look back at the UFO for another two minutes, its sits there a second or two longer then starts flying back the way it came after about one minute the UFO just flat out disappears. The UFO Sighting was about one quarter the size of the star I was watching before i spotted it. UFO Sighting also emitted a rather bright light, traveled very fast and had a light haze to it. NUFORC. For More UFO Sightings Reports go here

UFO encounter reported Feb. 24th 2020 over North Pole AK

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