UFO Sighting Boomerang shaped reported Morgan MN

UFO Sighting Boomerang Shape over Morgan MN

Silent chevron/boomerang shaped UFO flying at tree level from West to East. I would like to report a Unidentified Flying Object "UFO" sighted on August 17, 2018, at approximately 12:02 A.M. in Southern Minnesota. Myself and two of my friends were sitting outside at night. We had a clear sight of the stars in the sky as it was a clear night. My friend had looked up in confusion and pointed up and asked us what something was, coming our way. We saw an aircraft flying at tree level. It was moving at a constant speed, approaching from the West and leaving sight towards the East, and was only in sight for about four to five seconds. The UFO was also completely silent. We were all able to make out the shape of the UFO. The shape was what I can best describe as, chevron shape with large circles along the whole bottom of the UFO. I was able to see a little glimmer of metallic material. Other details: Lights outside that are on a timer had went out early, several minutes before seeing the aircraft. Two of the observers are 18 years of age and the other one is 17 years of age. None were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. nuforc.org

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