UFO Shows Up During Live Broadcast

On Peruvian TV With Over 200 Witnesses. February 1, 2020 This UFO Sighting Encounter occurred on Saturday during the 'Vigil UFO' of Journey to Other Dimensió n from the beach Yaya in Chilca, one of the most enigmatic places of alleged UFO phenomena in the country. The attendees at the camp witnessed the appearance of a strange and powerful light, which illuminated the sky for several seconds in full live broadcast. “At the moment there is a light that is diagonally on the hill Yaya. It looks like a rhombus. It is forming with the brightness of the light. I want to ask for calm, the calm of the 200 people who are here is very important. At the moment there is a strange light on the skirt of the Yaya hill. It is not on the ground, it is a little higher, ”said Dr. Anthony Choy being surprised by the event. The supposed luminous UFO was seen intermittently and the followers of the program were surprised. Many of them shouted in ecstasy and began recording with their cell phones. After several minutes of discussion and analysis, both Choy and the specialists invited to the program concluded that the light was above the sea. "We have already determined in this unprecedented transmission, we have all seen that the UFO is not perched on the hill, it is floating very close to the hill, it is true, but when it was illuminated, it was above the waves of the sea," he said.

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