UFO Seemed to hide in the clouds and then pop out reported

I went outside to look at the bright moon approximately 1:30 AM. I stay up late usually. My back yard sits on a large river. From where I stood out back, facing southeast, I saw this very bright, mostly round, solid circle UFO in the ski and it was moving at a very slow speed towards the moon. The moon was more in the South position at this time. I realized this UFO Sighting was not a star as it was surely in earth’s atmosphere. UFO was just too close to be a star. At first I thought it was one of those lanterns you can light up and send in to the sky, but the way this UFO moved up and then horizontally, and then would be stationary in the sky, plus, it seemed to also get larger then smaller. It’s light didn’t flicker as a lantern would so I ruled out that thought. I observed that I could not see one other star in the ski that night. Not one. UFO Sighting seemed to hide in the clouds and then pop out where the cloud had a separation. It almost seemed “shy”. I knew it was unusual so I grabbed my phone and took pictures to the best of my ability. I took many pictures trying to get a good focus but it wasn’t easy. I also tried to video tape the object, with my phone, but the videos did not work. My videos remained black. I then used binoculars and the UFO seemed to have tentacles that also lit up. In the center of the round part seemed to have darker shades as in a nucleus. I took many pictures and in one pic, where it took a double shot (moving picture), the object obviously shoots out a plume! In another picture, there is a pale blue looking object next to it. Another picture seems to show the object sideways and it appears the be crescent shaped. I watched this object for about 40 minutes and because of it getting so late and it just was so slow, I went to bed. I had no feelings of being afraid as I said earlier, it almost seemed shy and felt no harm in it. I am only reporting this because I looked up you-Tube and saw someone else saw this bright light in our sky the same night and new I wasn’t alone in what I saw. I t! old my husband the next morning and he of course laughed at me until I showed him the pictures!  source nuforc.org Image depiction below.

Black flying saucer UFO

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