UFO near Newark airport right near airplane and highway

At around 1:27 pm on Monday, June 24. My husband and I were driving on the New Jersey Turnpike that parallels Newark airport when we noticed what we thought might be a helicopter in the distance right near where the airplanes took off. The airplane would’ve been in the line of traffic from departing airplanes.

I was in the passenger seat and was admiring the take off of an airplane that had the star of David on its tail. I assumed it was and Israel air plane. As the airplane reach the air it’s Wing dipped kind of abruptly. I thought that it would be a bit scary to be a passenger inside that cabin. For a split second I say a dot in the airspace near the aircraft but immediately dismissed it as a bird or an optical illusion.

As airplane evened out and seemed to turn around its course. My husband asked me if there was a helicopter in the air nearby he asked me: “Was something happening over there?” (pointing to the left side of the road in the near by airspace. he was wondering if there was some sort of activity happening.

I looked behind him out the window and saw a shiny metal (silver) Round UFO. I thought perhaps it could be a drone and said “don’t worry about it, I think it might be a drone” but then on second thought and look it was not shaped like a drone. UFO Sighting was more shaped like a slightly squished sphere. That’s what my husband said he saw as well. He said UFO looked more like a can in the sky but it was shiny metallic.

I honestly thought maybe it was a drone but then I looked up what drones look like and this did not look anything like that. UFO had no obvious wing or propeller of any sort.

My biggest concern was having a drone, or an object like this, flying so close to the airplanes at the Newark airport.

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