UFO Deploys Small Spheres Watch Video

UFO Search: This video was captured using a Luna Optics night-vision monocular and a Nikon P-900 camera on the night of December 11th, 2019 just about two miles west from my home. The UFO in this video who was doing all of this at the base of the Spring Mountains and specifically la Madre Mountain. This incredible activity went on for nearly an hour as the UFO was releasing and gathering back up what appeared to be either a probe or a sphere of some kind. It appeared that the UFO was searching for something the entire time and the probes or spheres seemed to be involved in the search as well. When I began searching and hunting for UFOs in 2014 this is the kind of video I had hoped for and the reason I began hunting for UFOs in the first place. I was confident that if I put in the time and effort that good things would happen because I live in a city that I think is the best place in the world to hunt for UFOs and that city is Las Vegas Nevada. I have two more videos that were shot weeks prior to this that's related to this video and I will make sure that everybody gets to see those as well before too long. Correction: When I said "Pine Mountains" I should have said "Spring Mountains" oops!

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