U.S. Navy UFO Encounter Update

UFO News: Meet navy vet AD1(AW) Ryan Weigelt. Ryan was present on the USS Princeton (CG-59) during the tic tac encounters of November, 2004. He was a helicopter maintenance training instructor. As a member of the squadron assigned to the ship with HSL-43 Detachment 5, the “Battle-cats”, Ryan was a LPO or leading petty officer, training up to 20 people pre-deployment on the operations and maintenance of the SH-60B Sea-hawks. Ryan’s navy career spanned 15 years before he left the service in 2012. His extensive expertise in Sea Hawk system maintenance and operations covers all aspects of the anti-submarine helicopters. During the workups off San Diego, Ryan witnessed several very unusual UFO events that lend credence to the UFO reports from the other navy vets as told in the Nimitz UFO Encounters documentary. Listen as Ryan recounts those events for the first time. I conducted this interview Friday October 11th. Ryan has provided me with his DD-214 Military Separation Papers and I have photo’s proving his navy career. He was an aviation machinists’ mate petty officer first class, anti-submarine warfare operator. If you have witnessed these events from military ships or planes contact us at anon@thenimitzencounters.com. You can remain anonymous.

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