The Shadow People who are they?

Reinerio Hernandez Have any of you seen what is commonly called "Shadow People"? For me they appear as streaking dark ghost-like figures who appear in human form but more like a dark cloud but in a human form. For me they do not stand still or stare at you but just seem very fast and streak across the room. One time I was on a ZOOM video call with Lynn Hartrum and Kirsten Corvus Sophia, all 3 are ADMINS on this board. Kirsten and I both saw a Shadow Person (ZOOM has the video image of all 3 of us on one screen) streaking behind me and going right through my back door. It clearly was a human figure in a dark black cloudy figure. Kirsten yelled out loud "Did you see that". I told her what I saw and she confirmed it. I was very blase about it and she might of thought I was a bit nuts because I just did not care what had happened and gave it no importance. LOL Have any of you seen these Shadow figures?

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