Several strange UFO lights along with strange sound and electronic disturbance

Strange Sounds Electronic UFO Sounds

I went in my back yard around 9:15 pm to check and see if the Amber light that has been in the Southwestern sky for the last several nights. When I went to look it was there along a ball of light in my front yard (southeast), one directly south above a tree and there was a light directly above me, In addition to those orbs, UFOs, lights, or whatever you want to call them, I witnessed an orange/Amber ball of "UFO" light float above the tree that already had an occupant and then it disappeared (this was the south side of my yard). After that, I started feeling a little nervous and began to go back inside and as I was about to walk in I took another glance at the UFO in the South East and a light floated down and past the UFO in the sky. and floated along to the Northeastern corner of my yard behind the trees. I took several photos and videos of the event with my cell phone so the quality is not that good. I forgot to add that there was a weird horn sound on one of the videos that I took and last night while taking it I didn't notice a sound but it was recorded. My phone was also malfunctioning a bit saying that there was a strange magnetic field. A little while after I went inside I heard helicopters. I would really like to know what is going on. I live about 8 miles from Lockheed Dobbins. I assume there is a lot going on. What I don't understand is how no one else seems to notice or see these UFOs except for a select few people. nuforc.org UFO Sighting occurred over Marietta GA on 8/14/18

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