New Unidentified Aerial "UFO" Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF)

Was recently created by the deputy defense secretary to strengthen an existing effort to improve and deepen its understanding about the nature of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena commonly known as UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). After considerable research, on or about August 15, 2020, I hypothesized that the rather recently videotaped “Tic Tac” UFOs are a component of a Hyper-sonic Vehicle Aerial Target Drone Training System of sorts.

This Hyper-sonic Vehicle Aerial Target Drone Training System is made up of unmanned aerial vehicles used for teaching pilots to detect and destroy advanced Hyper-sonic weapons. The detection of advanced Hyper-sonic vehicles requires large aperture Electro-optical and infrared space sensors. Such sensors must be manufactured in space. The naturally occurring zero gravity environment and ultra-high-vacuum in space orbit provide the ultimate conditions to manufacture counter Hyper-sonic components that are impossible to create on Earth.

Since the Cold War, the Pentagon has encouraged the development of controllable hyper-sonic weapons, only to shy away when technological obstacles caused problems. Although underfunded in the past, the DOD is now leading a new charge by pouring more than $1 billion annually into hyper-sonic research.

According to my Acoustics professor at Penn State, sound travels at about 750 miles per hour. So, depending on the conditions, Mach 1 is probably around 760 mph. For decades, the U.S. military—and its rivals—have sought after missiles and other vehicles that travel at hyper-sonic speeds. Hyper-sonic speed is generally defined as Mach 5 or greater (3,800 mph).

Some missiles meet the hyper-sonic definition when they re-enter the atmosphere from space. But, they lack the element of surprise. Competition from China and Russia has been a real motivator to the United States. For example, China has a hyper-sonic weapon that maneuvers aerodynamically—enabling it to dodge defenses and keep an enemy guessing about its target. China also showed off a rocket-boosted hyper-sonic glide vehicle in a recent military parade. In addition, Russia recently unveiled a weapon claimed to reach Mach 10.

The United States is currently testing several hyper-sonic weapons. Secrecy, misinformation, and disinformation muddy the hyper-sonic picture. Regardless, all three nations seem to be making progress in overcoming hyper-sonic obstacles. Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross.

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