Mirrored UFO over Forward Green UK

I was sitting having my lunch at dinning room table wile customer was sitting facing the TV. My view while I am eating I'm looking in the direction of the TV to my right, the view beyond the TV are farming fields, then I look forward to get another item out of my lunch bag, wile I am doing this I don't know why but I sensed something moving and turned my head fast, this is when I noticed a UFO like craft passing by it was mirror, reflecting the background on to the front of the UFO. It was moving at a very slow speed. I must of looked at just the right time as I know the cloud in the sky, started to move round the doomed part in the middle of the UFO craft. I could sort of see the out line as it was moving. The UFO was very low while moving and after some thought, early that week I helped the customer with a new attachment for his radio masts to allow him to get a stronger signal for his hobby as he competes in competitions for a type of Morse code. My thinking was this is why it came passed to check this out. It was a strange moment but I know what I saw was true. The way it passed after a certain angle you would not know it was their but like I said I looked just at the right time other wise I don't think anyone would notice it. I told a close friend about what happened and he said, was it like the reflection which was in one of the James bond films when his Aston Martin car could become invisible and that's exactly how it was, almost like it was not perfect enough for me not to notice it. I have since told the customer what happened as I did not reacted in the moment, I thought about it for a week before telling him. I'm not sure if this was a human built craft or a true UFO ? but it was definitely something I had not seen before. For the directions this UFO Sighting came from and direction it was moving in I would have to go back to house to work this out. MUFON CMS# 107275 -3/19/20-Forward Green UK Region has had 2053 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Silver Disk Shaped UFO

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