Minot Missile Field 1967 UFO Encounter

UFO News: The following On-This-Day event was logged in NICAP's July-August 1968 issue of UFO Investigator. It was reported in North Dakota and investigated by Chairman Donald E. Flickinger of the NICAP North Dakota Subcommittee. At around 3:00 AM on 27 October 1967, Lt Glen D. Brunsell of the Parshall North Dakota Police Department reported a brilliantly glowing UFO. The UFO Sighting "was so bright," Brunsell reported, "that at times it hurt my eyes to look directly at it." Lt Brunsell observed the UFO making a low-pass over a warehouse and then heading east with an up-and-down motion, almost as if it was trying to gain and maintain the attention of any observers on the ground. UFO then reportedly stopped and hovered near a missile base. While this was not detailed in the original report. Facility H-01 which controlled 10 missiles was located 4.3 mi WNW of Parshall ND at the following coordinates: N47°58′27″ W102°13′20″. The area is circled on the OP graphic that has been provided for your reference. Lt Brunsell stated that the UFO Sighting moved slowly in that area of five minutes before "it suddenly shot straight up into the sky" disappearing in a matter of only seconds. A Parshall cafe waitress, whose name was removed from the report on her request, reported having encountered the UFO a few minutes prior in which it apparently caused her vehicle to begin "sheering very hard, bumping and swaying around on the road like it had four flat tires." It followed and paced her car and she could see "two or three white-appearing streaks of light coming down vertically from the UFO." It stopped and hovered near her home as she was arriving and then she reported that it passed over a warehouse north of her residence. Her report of the warehouse marked an independent confirmation of that report provided by Lt Brunsell. credit Thomas Owens.

27 October 1967 Minot Missile Field UFO Encounter

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